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TOPIC: How awful would it screw me in 2k21?

How awful would it screw me in 2k21? 10 months 2 weeks ago #29341

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I would like to Nba 2k21 Mt make a sf 6'7 max weight facilitating finisher using the balanced rate, vertical and strength pie graph. How awful would this screw me? I know nobody actually knows how 2k21 will play but I imagine it would be much like 20... how awful would it screw me in 2k21? I had been thinking a little bit of a lebron construct but Luka works. I am thinking this year it doesnt seem like there's going to be too many large bulky assembles So I was wondering if that is the same as 2k20 whats the minimal weight, height and interior people got away with protecting big guys? I've 30 defensive badges on the build I'm considering using. Are there only 5 matches for play today? What's the purpose?

Folks could play it forever and not buy the game. How is that difficult to comprehend? Because no one would play now offline with only 4 teams for ever. They should at least do 10 or add slightly more teams. I know what your saying, but it is TOO restricted imo. Some things I noticed with all the demonstration. Assuming you get +5 to attributes. 6'9 remains the tallest height you may go while retaining 70 ball controller, possibly with pure yellow, yellow/red, green/yellow. BP build and Playlock was nerfed by lowering the driving dunk. BP can get contacts at 6'6-6'7 with max arms should you get +5 in 99.

Characteristic to badge point allocation remains terrible. Based on the pie chart, you can have 5 shield bars filled while just getting 1 badge. This means that you need to spread your attributes to the correct places. I made some experimentation with all the blue/yellow graph. PG gets 400 features, SG gets 415, SF gets 418. By putting the features in exactly the very same locations but only altering the position, Pg gets more finishing but less shield (19f, 3D), SG gets less finishing but more shield (17f, 6 defense), SF becomes even less completing but more defense (15f, 7D). Note I didn't fill out the whole category, just the very important ones such as peremiter, lateral, steal and drebound.

It's still the same futile movement. To start with, it appears hard to activate. But when you triumph, why the hell that your guy does not go in the basket? Instead of moving closer to the rim, it will take a sort of fade slow cartoon that's not possible to hit. I really don't know if you've tried it, but up and unders died after 2K16. Hope I explained it well.

Let us see if I can explain this so everyone know that it has to be addressed to devs. First of all, because there are like hundreds of unique animations and it happens so fast you can't respond to them. But most important. Have you tried doing a reverse or a euro step? Within this kind of layups you have to hold right stick in a particular direction, so then it's completely impossible to flick the rod in under a second to target the goal. This shooting system shouldn't apply to layups. There's no opportunity to mt for sale 2k21 respond to it.
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